The entertainment industry involves a wide variety of commercial relationships supported by industry specific contracts. Those contracts often have significant intellectual property content. Many of these contracts call for the application of legal knowledge frequently applied in other corporate and commercial transactions including intellectual property law.

We have advised on and written a wide range of industry specific contracts for film and television production, financing and exploitation of merchandising rights.

Our experience includes the following aspects of the entertainment industry.


  • Film production agreements
  • Television series production agreements
  • Production management agreements
  • Production agency agreements
  • Production services agreements
  • Production services agency agreements

Personnel engagement

  • Employment agreements
  • Employment loan out agreements
  • Producer employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Post production supervisor agreements
  • Artist’s loan out agreements
  • Artist’s loan out option agreements
  • Co-writer’s agreements
  • Director’s agreements
  • Producer’s agreements
  • Co-producer’s agreements
  • Script writer’s agreements

Rights acquisition, distribution & other exploitation

  • Television program development joint venture agreements
  • Rights acquisition agreements
  • Rights acquisition option agreements
  • Concept option agreements
  • Script development agreements
  • Script rights assignment agreements
  • Merchandise development agreements
  • Film distribution agreements
  • Television program distribution agreements
  • Sales agency agreements
  • Copy-right co-ownership agreements
  • Publishing Agreements

Finance & funding

  • Film performance bond guarantee agreements
  • Investor’s film production deeds
  • Partnership agreements
  • Underwriting agreements
  • Sub-underwriting agreements
  • Film finance loan agreements and associated securities

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