Reliance by business on computerization and information technology has become all pervasive. The supply to, and acquisition by, businesses of costly integrated systems require a clear understanding of what is to be supplied and continuing support levels.

E-business presents new legal challenges, such as:

  • applying existing legal principles to new environments;
  • analysing and management of legal risks in a new environment; and
  • negotiation and writing contracts between providers, IT and ancillary services.

We have been engaged in a wide spectrum of computer and information technology contracts and transactions by sellers, buyers, and developers for various types of contract and transaction. Many of these transactions call for the application of legal knowledge applied in other corporate and commercial transactions.

We advise on joint ventures and purchasing and other contracts for software, hardware, systems integration, support and maintenance, outsourcing, product development, internet and other network-related arrangements. We also work with technology developers to protect their intellectual property.

Our experience extends to writing the following agreements:

  • Technology transfer assignment
  • Outsourcing
  • Software distribution
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Computer software licence
  • Multiple copy software licence
  • Computer system integration (Turnkey)
  • Software development
  • Joint software development
  • Software development & licensing
  • Software support
  • Computer system installation
  • Computer services
  • Computer services management
  • Computer bureau
  • Copyright assignment
  • Computer facilities management
  • End user licences
  • Service level
  • Software source code escrow
  • Computer bureau services: On-line services & batch services

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