The buying, selling & reorganisation of business interests involve a wide range of corporate and commercial law issues. They also involve consideration of other issues including taxation (capital gains tax, stamp duty, income tax, payroll tax), industrial legislation affecting the transmission of employer obligations, licensing and regulatory compliance, asset protection strategies and intellectual property aspects, as well as other issues.

Practice area overview

These transactions can involve:

  • the sale/purchase of interests in businesses, business assets and business entities (business interests) and involve other corporate, commercial and/or taxation issues with a particular emphasis on structured transactions (including joint ventures) and the minimisation of taxation (stamp duties, capital gains tax, payroll tax, workers compensation liability);
  • interests in companies (public/proprietary, listed and unlisted), joint ventures, trusts, partnerships and asset transfers, or a combination of any of those; and
  • the restructuring of business interests conducted in and beyond Australia.

What we do

We provide advice and documentation on:

  • structuring the establishment and reorganisation of business interests in and beyond Australia.
  • structured commercial transactions & the merger, buying/selling and restructuring of business interests (from due diligence to completion).

The early involvement of taxation advisers in the development of merger and acquisition proposals enhances the prospects for a successful transaction implementation. We can work with your taxation advisors or we can outsource taxation advice requirements that we do not provide to taxation specialists we have longstanding relationships with.

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