We approach Court litigation in a systematic manner. Our approach depends on whether you want to commence the proceedings (plaintiff) or proceedings have been commenced against you (defendant).

Court litigation strategy

In any dispute it is important to identify the desired outcome and to develop a strategy to achieve that outcome.

Court rules

The rules of the Court in which the proceedings are commenced will regulate how we conduct the proceedings. Whilst the Court rules will impact on the process to be adopted in the proceedings, the facts, relevant law and strategy should be identified as it is by the process of the Court proceedings that the desired outcome can be achieved.

Case management

It is common for the Court to take a more active role in ensuring that litigation is undertaken in an efficient manner. We will inform you of the requirements of the Court regarding case management in your proceedings.

Court reports

To keep you informed of what occurs each time we attend Court, we will send to you a Court Report (on the same day if possible) providing you with any relevant information concerning the further conduct of the litigation.

Court costs

Any person involved in litigation needs to be aware of the costs that may be incurred if they are not successful in the proceedings. We will inform you about Court costs that can be awarded by the Court to or against you.

Litigation Guide

Our Litigation Guide explains various aspects of litigation that you may encounter in Court proceedings and should assist your understanding what is required to protect or advance your interests in the context of any proceedings that you commence or are commenced against you and the importance of assessing the desirability of making or accepting an offer to settle the disputed matters.

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