An awareness of the commercial objective of our client and other participants to a transaction are at the core of providing legal services.

Practice area overview

We have substantial experience in commercial transactions. How a commercial transaction is implemented can have significant cost implications. We actively seek to complete transactions in a timely, cost effective and accurate manner.


What we do:

To achieve that objective we:

  • Clearly identify the commercial objective of our client and the other participants.
  • Identify commercial issues (not incorporated in the transaction documentation) that impact on the transaction terms or the transaction structure.
  • Conduct legal analysis of the transaction to identify:
  • legal concepts that need to be applied to achieve the objective.
  • legislation that impacts on the transaction structure or terms whether for taxation, licensing or other reasons.
  • industry self regulation that applies to the transaction (e.g. codes of practice).
  • Identify the agreed commercial terms applicable to the transaction.
  • Conduct legal analysis of the transaction structure and identify:
  • the components of the transaction.
  • the parties to each component part of the transaction.
  • any required stages to implementation of the transaction to meet legislative, regulatory or commercial requirements.
  • timing issues for implementation of any aspects in an implementation stage.
  • an understanding of the function performed by each of the identified components/stages and their interaction having regard to the applicable contingencies and timing issues.
  • what public notification requirements are imposed on any of the intended stages to implementation of the transaction.

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We think outside the square

We help our clients comply with changing legal requirements and seek to ‘think outside the square’ to provide our clients with solution oriented legal services, with attention to detail.